Your 2017 Masters Champion….

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 10.43.07 PM.png

Jordan Spieth

13/2 Odds on Favorite (Post DJs fall)

Not the sexy pick, but the smart pick.

Spieth loves Augusta. I love Spieth at Augusta.

With his proven success at the Masters in the last three years (T2,1st,T2) there is no reason to expect anything less this time around. While he may not be coming into the Masters red hot (MC last week), his mind has been in Augusta for months on end, waiting for his chance at redemption.

I am not expecting a dominant 2015 Masters performance, given the conditions and the strength of the field. However, if Jordan can get his flatstick hot, as he is prone to doing around these parts, I fully expect him to be atop the leaderboard on Sunday, where as you saw last year, anything can happen.

Ideal Situation: Spieth walks up to the 12th tee on Sunday up 10 strokes and puts it in the water on purpose and just laughs.

Next Best Situation: Spieth walks up to the 12th tee on Sunday within 1-2 strokes of the lead with a chance to redeem himself from last year.

Worst Situation: Well….I guess you could just say a repeat of last year.

All you can ask for is a chance on Sunday afternoon, and if Spieth gets that chance once again, I believe he earns himself another green jacket to add to the collection.


Value Bet:

Jason Day (+1800)

The former #1 with added motivation at +1800, yes please.

Dark Horse:

Thomas Pieters (+6500)


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