#TigerTuesdays: Foul Mouth Tiger

With the recent news of Woods’ 4th back surgery, the idea of Tiger never playing professional golf has crept in the minds of golf fans everywhere. Similar to when Tiger hits a bad shot, I tend to scream profanities after reading articles about Tigers recent struggles. Granted, in his prime these moments were rare, but when Tiger missed he’d let everyone know about it, including himself, as he loved to yell at himself in the third person (“God Damnit Tiger”).

There is no doubt in my mind that when Tiger makes a mistake in real life he scolds himself in the third person and that is hilarious to me. The real question is if, like Derek Jeter (Yeah Jeets!), he refers to himself in the third person in bed with his lady friends, of which there are many as well. Can’t wait for that Tiger tell-all book to come out and really find out what is going on in his head throughout this portion of his career.





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