2017 Cape Cod Classic Preview

Cape Cod Classic 

East Dennis, Massachusetts 

Past Champion: Scott Bauer (Myrtle Masters)

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 11.33.32 AM.png

Coming off a little layover from the Players Championship, we have a tournament of a different beast this week, and that is the Cape Cod Classic. A Ryder Cup style format, including an individual championship, will take place this Memorial Day Weekend in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The field consists of some of the most average golfers in Rockland County, but will not disappoint when it comes to the action. A part of the Rockland Major circuit, the CCC field has been split up into two teams (Team Tiger and Team Fowler) who will competing not only for the Individual Championship, but the elusive Cape Cod Classic Cup for the team that compiles the most points throughout the weekend.

Team Format

Saturday Morning Fore Ball (2 points)

Saturday Afternoon Scramble (1 point)

Sunday Singles Match Play (4 points)

Sunday Team Mini Golf (1 point)

Monday Morning Singles Stroke Play (4 points)

12 Total Points Available

6.5 Points to Clinch the CCC Cup

Meet the Teams

Team Tiger

 Matt Marks (10 Handicap) *Captain*Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 10.24.26 PM.png

Holding the lowest handicap of the tournament, Marks is poised as the favorite to take home the title. The real question will be whether or not Marks has found the clutch gene between now and last years Myrtle Masters. After regaining the lead heading into the final round, Marks choked down the stretch and all but handed the trophy to rival Bauer. Being touted as the Sergio of Rockland County, it will be interesting to see if Marks can follow in the Spaniards footsteps and claim his first major victory at this years Cape Cod Classic. Marks is also battling a wrist injury that he fears will ruin his chances of competing at a high level this week.

                                                       Ethan Silverman (23 Handicap)IMG_1148.PNG

As the 1st Overall pick in the CCC Draft, Silverman is on the hot seat heading into the weekend. While Silverman has the ability of a No.1 pick, he has the clutch gene of Mr.Irrelevant. Well known for his solid all around play, Silverman may be most well known around Rockland for falling apart on the last few holes of weekend matches. If Silverman is able to put it together all weekend, there is no doubt he will be towards the top of the leaderboard come the final round on Monday.

Daniel Graviano (36 Handicap)IMG_8186.PNG-1.png

One of two Rockland Major rookies in the field this week, Graviano may be more interested in the booze than the golf. With the highest handicap of the bunch Graviano may not be in the mix for the individual trophy, but with the amount of strokes he is getting, can play a huge role in the team competition. The real question of the weekend for Graviano will be if his total beers consumed will be higher than his handicap (Hammer the Over). Let’s hope Graviano is spending less time in the trees and more time on the greens this weekend, but no matter what you know he is going to enjoy himself.

Adam “Ice Man” Babat (32 Handicap)Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 11.03.57 AM.png

Famous for his play in last years scramble round, Babat has ice in his veins when on the greens in competition. Rolling in over 100 feet of putts last year propelled his team to victory on that Sunday afternoon. As captain, I made it a priority to have the Ice Man on my team this year, in hopes he can repeat his clutch putting in this years competition. While his handicap may not show it, Babat came in 3rd place in the Myrtle Masters and can make some noise come the weekend.

Team Fowler

Scott Bauer (19 Handicap) *Captain* FullSizeRender.jpg

The winner of the Myrtle Masters, Bauer is coming into the CCC with all the confidence in the world, and rightfully so. With a new 3 wood in the bag, and a driver he is semi-confident with, Bauer has gotten longer (not taller) off the tee since last years tournament. While Bauer has a great chance to repeat this week as individual champion, he has a new task on his hands as the captain of Team Fowler. Can Bauer handle the newfound responsibility and keep his focus throughout the entire weekend?

Brandon Pochter (23 Handicap)IMG_1151.PNG

Word on the street is Pochter has reeled back his anger that he was so famous for in past years. If this is true, a clear headed Pochter can be a force to be reckoned with this weekend. However, if these rumors turn out to be false, a hot tempered Pochter could potentially bring down Team Fowler, and his CCC chances in the process. With his Matsuyama-esque pause at the top of his swing, Pochter has proven to be a streaky ball striker, but when in rhythm, he can strike the ball with the best of them. Could a clear headed Pochter take over the CCC?

  Greg Baron (23 Handicap) 

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 3.43.01 PM.png
Live Look at Baron and Pochter during the Scramble Round


The other rookie in the field this week, Baron is an up and comer in the Rockland Major circuit. While Baron has the skill level to compete, he has never played in a tournament of this magnitude, and we may seem him try to press too early. As the longest hitter on Team Fowler, the rumors are his new 3 wood will be used more than his driver, which will bring the average distance off the tee wayyyy behind that of Team Tiger. Team Fowler has a history of bickering, so it will be interesting to see how Baron inserts himself into the mix. It all comes back to captain Bauer, and how he will run his team.

Tommy Cooper (24 Handicap)img_4972.png

If Fore Right doesn’t provide score updates it is because we are still waiting for Cooper to finish his round. One can only imagine what is going on in Coopers head during his pre shot routine, but 2 minutes later, he is able to put the ball out there, which could make up for the lack of driving distance on the Fowler team. The inevitable lefty vs. lefty pairing between Cooper and Graviano could be one of the most important matchups of the tournament.


CCC Individual Champion Odds

Marks +175

Bauer +225

Silverman +400

Pochter +550

Baron +600

Cooper +800

Babat +1000

Graviano +2000

Cape Cod Classic Cup Prediction

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.10.36 PM.png

Be sure to follow the action on my Twitter @mattmarks19, as well as the blog for Round by Round updates. May not be PGA Tour type action, but when you get a bunch of average golfers fighting for the CCC Cup, it may get a little interesting.

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