FORE Absurd 2018 PGA Tour Predictions

Happy New Year!

As 2018 begins, I will be trying to write as much as possible for both tournament previews, but also keep up to date on current events throughout golf. The hot golf takes will be flowing freely this year, and maybe I will be right once or twice. With that being said, here are FORE absurd predictions for the 2018 PGA Tour season that may or may not happen.

Tiger Woods Will Win a Major


DUHHHHHH! Tiger Woods is back and the golf world could not be more excited. After his rehab start down in the Bahamas, Tiger has come out and said he wants to play a full 2018 season #MakeSundaysGreatAgain. Now that doesn’t mean he’ll be grinding on Tour with the other peasants (used VERY lightly), but it should mean he will be playing enough tournaments to get him ready for each major. Speaking of majors, and absurd predictions, Tiger Woods will WIN a major championship THIS year! After watching him be able to really rip it at the Hero, and the fact that he is hitting the ball a whole club further than he was before fusion surgery, I am downright giddy for Tiger to be fully back. Just thinking about the social media engagement and reactions when Tiger is in the mix on Sunday at a major is getting me far too excited on January 2nd. Tiger will be this year in a BIG way when he raises a major championship trophy, or dons the green jacket, for the 15th time in his career in 2018.

Jordan Spieth will have a repeat of 2015 (5+ wins)


As the resident Spieth fanboy, this may be a biased prediction, but I will make it nonetheless. With the talent on the PGA Tour at an all time high winning a single tournament, let alone 5 is tough to do. Spieth was able to complete that feat during his 2015 campaign, along with Masters and U.S. Open victories. As one of the best iron players on Tour, along with his innate ability to drain putts from all over the green, Spieth is the closest thing we have to Tiger in terms of sheer confidence that he will execute the right shot in the right time (please refrain from bringing up the 12th hole at Augusta). Spieth is going to make strides this season to not only jumped to #1 in the OWGR, but leave no doubt that he is the best player in the world as he will go on to win 5+ times this year, and we’ll throw in a major championship just because why not.

Phil Mickelson will be U.S. Open runner-up for the 7th time

Phil Mickelson 2006 US Open.jpg

Do I want this to happen? Of course not. Phil deserves a U.S. Open victory, more than anybody on Earth deserves anything, but 2018 he will notch his 7th runner up at the storied major championship. After missing the 2017 U.S. Open due to his daughters high school graduation, combined with being winless on Tour since 2013, the pressure for Phil to get that U.S. Open victory is at an all-time high. While I think Phil falls short again this year at Shinnecock, I do believe he will break that winless streak and get a W at some point this season, just not at the U.S. Open. Now all I can think about is Tiger/Phil battling down the stretch at Shinne and my head is about to explode.

Patrick Cantlay Will Win the FedEx Cup


I have been on the Cantlay bandwagon before his victory at the Valspar this past season, and after securing his Tour card the win, I believe 2018 will be a breakout year for Patrick. His struggles the last few years have been well documented with the tragic death of his longtime friend and caddie, Chris Roth, as well as his back injuries that could have potentially ended his golf career before it even began. Cantlay was able to fight back, and did so in a big way this past season picking up his first career win at the Valspar, and earned himself a full exemption for the 2018 season. I am confident that Cantlay will take full advantage of this opportunity and be a breakout star on Tour this season. First we had Spieth, then we had JT, now we have Cantlay, who I believe will win the FedEx Cup in 2018.


**I fully intend on looking back at these predictions at the end of 2018 and just praying one is correct so I can tweet @OldTakesExposed**


***None of these will probably happen and I will not tweet @OldTakesExposed***


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